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World Autism Acceptance Day 2022

Currently in Australia, many Autistic people struggle with discrimination, social isolation, poor mental health and financial precarity. This is because we live in a society where both the general public and health professionals often have limited and inaccurate understandings of Autism, and we are unable to access the support we need to thrive.

Yet despite our challenges and the barriers we face, Autistic Australians have extraordinary strengths and capabilities. To harness these capabilities and create a society where more Autistic people can lead meaningful and satisfying lives, Australian governments, service providers and communities need to recognise the expertise and lived experience of Autistic people.

By centring the voices and perspectives of Autistic people, Australia can create policies, programs and services that are appropriate, accessible, inclusive, and celebrate the diversity of the Autistic community.

We can create public awareness campaigns that promote understanding of Autism and the Autistic community, and work toward a society that accepts and values all of its members.

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