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About us

The Autistic Realm Australia Inc is an Australian charity completely led and managed by Autistics. 

We are a national Not-for-profit with several online communities such as TARA, Fully Spectral and The Autistic Parents Realm Australia. 

We are proud members of the Autistic Community. We are multiply neurodivergent with multiply neurodivergent children. 

We honour Diversity as Autistic Reality, acknowledging and supporting all of our members whatever their history, expression of identity or support needs. We try to practice Radical Inclusion in all aspects of our work.

T.A.R.A is not about any one of us. It is the culmination of three hive minds finding each other and combining our own lived experience and strengths.

We offer different perspectives as our lived experiences, backgrounds, localities, and lifestyles are all different. 

Our Mission

Is to improve the lives of all Autistic people through empowering, facilitating connections, and educating those who support us by sharing our lived experience and being visible.

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Our Vision

We are striving for a world where all Autistic people are free to be our authentic Autistic selves; respected, accepted and in control over our own lives and choices.

We are Everyday Autistics who live by the mantra that

Hi Def Diversity is Autistic Reality Ang