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Autist in Residence


Leigh   -  Owner   of   LoveLeigh's Cakery

I'm Leigh and I'm an Autistic mum of 3 who loves to cake.


I have had lots of jobs and careers over the years but got bored quickly and moved onto the next adventure pretty quickly each time, never really finding my niche.


Until I home-schooled my son.


Born of a need to pay the mortgage and not really having the ability to sit still or focus on things I'm not visually stimulated by I ruled out anything computer related or crafty pretty quickly.


I've always loved to bake though. The smells, the tastes, the textures and of course... The prettiness at the end!


I found I picked it up really quickly and was soon immersed in an endless stream of test bakes and practice piping. It had captured my attention. In a very big way.


6 years later I still love it. There is always something new to try so it never gets boring, I can work from home still which is safe and familiar, and I will never ever get sick of the smells of baking.

"Leigh's cakes are not just cakes, they truly are a work of art.  And they taste as good as they look".

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