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The Autistic Realm Australia Inc. submission on NDIS Independent Assessments

The Autistic Realm Australia Inc. is delighted to announce that our submission to the Joint Standing Committee on the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in relation to Independent Assessments has been published.

As an Autistic-led organisation, our position is that the proposed Independent Assessments are discriminatory, and inaccessible to Autistic people.

The proposal lacks an accurate or up-to-date understanding of Autism and the reality of Autistic lives. It makes no accommodation for the high prevalence of psychosocial disability among Autistic people, nor for the impact of this burden of disease. Further, the Independent Assessment will not accurately or fairly capture the multiple comorbidities frequent among Autistic children and adults.

The Autistic Realm Australia offers a single recommendation in response to Term of Reference (k), regarding the appropriateness of Independent Assessments for people with particular disability types, including psychosocial disability:

That Autistic clients of the NDIS be excluded from the requirement to complete Independent Assessments at any stage of any process the NDIS directs, e.g., eligibility, access to services, interactions with NDIS employees and subcontractors, coordinators, etc, etc.

This recommendation is made on the ground of the fundamental misunderstanding that the NDIS displays of the nature of Autism and how Autistic lives are experienced. Autism is not a behavioural disorder that can be cured, go into remission, or that reduces over the lifespan.

To download our published submission in it's entirety click the link below:

The Autistic Realm Australia Inc (PDF 6219 KB)

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