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TARA stands in Solidarity with the BIPOC Community

Our Commitment

The Autistic Realm Australia stands in solidarity with the BLACK INDIGENOUS PEOPE OF COLOUR (BIPOC) community and assert that the unlawful killing of George Floyd and those who died before him WERE unequivocally abominable and preventable.

BIPOC lives are not disposable and hold value in society and white privilege should never be allowed to render them invisible.

We will abide by an inclusive disability model so that all members have a safe space to contribute to our mission without barriers or prejudice.

We will initiate conversations to discuss barriers that prevent the disabled BIPOC community from engaging in advocacy work.

We will combat racism and ableism by personally living and honouring Diversity is Autistic Reality.

It is too late for good intentions. As a community we must act now so that vulnerable and marginalised people do not end up as another hashtag.

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