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Fight the NDIS Autism Early Intervention Proposals

The NDIS has released plans that will change their approach to funding “Autism early childhood intervention”.

These changes will lead to reduced funding and the transfer to the NDIS of control over the right to choose supports.

The intention of the NDIS is made clear in this quote

"Many children on the autism spectrum will benefit from short term early intervention that is delivered through our early childhood partners and may never need to become participants of the Scheme." (Autism Consultation paper, p17)

In order to qualify for the NDIS a child must access short term early intervention that is delivered by NDIS early childhood partners

"Short term early intervention is generally up to twelve months. If the child develops more severe and persistent functional impacts they may access another period of short term intervention or may at that point be supported to test NDIS eligibility." (Autism Consultation paper, 17-18)

NDIS defines early intervention as for ages 0-13.

"Because the Scheme is built on insurance principles we would expect to see a reduction in funding as a participant’s capacity increases." (Consultation paper p20)

Funding will be limited to preset packages set at 4 levels.

These levels are assessed on the functional capacity and by an independent assessor's report on the needs of the child Behaviour approaches - ABA, PBIS, etc - are promoted as being evidence based.

Given the way the report is written the NDIS intends to will limit funding to these behaviour approaches.

The NDIS has asked for “consultation” via a questionnaire available through the link below.

*WARNING: the questions presume that you accept the proposals.

The questions are leading - meaning that they suggest how they should be answered. This technique is used show support for ideas or proposals that have already been decided.


  1. Submit a questionnaire

  2. Because the questionnaire is biased - and triggering to some Autistic adults - The Autistic Realm Australia has created a set of responses that can be used to fill in the questionnaire. They are aimed to make rejection of the proposals clear. Use this link to see the responses.

  3. The questionnaire doesn't appear to limit the number of times it can be submitted.

  4. Email your local MP using the link below Let them know how you feel.

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