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The Autistic Realm Australia is delighted to announce the launch of our very first "Everyday Autistic" series on 3rd December on International Day of people with Disabilities.
“Everyday Autistic” aim is to identify, recognise and celebrate emerging Autistic talent in any field.
You have the choice of being featured identified or deidentified, the choice is yours. There is no limit as to what an Everyday Autistic is and can be.
There is no age barrier to be an Everyday Autistic you just must be someone who does not have a high profile or a visible platform of your own to promote your work.
Sylvii is our inaugural "Everyday Autistic" with her debut single Caustic.
About Sylvie:

“Sylvii is a young Australian singer/songwriter and pianist. She hopes to use music to help the world understand what it’s like to see everything differently - Sylvii is Autistic, has ADHD, and GAD.”

Click the TARA link on the bottom of the page to learn all about Sylvii.

“Everyday Autistic" is to celebrate emerging Autistic talent.
Not everyone has a platform to promote their work.  And this is where 
TARA comes in. We promote and showcase Autistic work for free so that they can concentrate on their talent".
Anna, Kylieanne & Kathy
The Autistic Realm Australia Inc.

This year's United Nations theme is :  

"Building Back Better: toward a disability-inclusive, accessible and sustainable post COVID-19 World."

Unesco are featuring a series of webinars :

“Disability inclusive response for COVID-19 through Open and Distance Learning” and  “Share your Story for Development" .
UNESCO´s project “Story for Development” is supported by the Nippon Foundation, with invited panellists sharing their stories of empowerment. 
It will also be accompanied by a social media campaign “Tell our story–enable our rights" following us #DisabilityDay #IDPD #ThisAbility

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