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Image by Nicole Geri


The Autistic Realm Australia is delighted to announce the launch of our very first "Everyday Autistic" series on 3rd December on International Day of people with Disabilities.


“Everyday Autistic” aims to identify, recognise and celebrate emerging Autistic talent in any field.


Our inaugural Everyday Autistic is Sylvii.

 "Sylvii is a once in a lifetime talent that leaves you craving more.


Her voice invades your soul and you feel like she has written the lyrics just for you"

-Autistic Adult

  Adult Autistic



“Hey, I’m Sylvii, a self taught pianist and vocalist.


I’m autistic with ADHD and GAD, which make certain circumstances very difficult for me.


School is a huge one, especially high school, because of all the crowds and noise.


I felt that other people didn’t understand how I felt, and I ended up trying to force myself to believe that I was the problem, not the environment.


I thought I was fragile and weak.


I needed to get it all out, so I wrote a song about my more internalised emotions, and that’s how Caustic, my debut single, came to be.


The ending of the song represents that there’s more than one way to see the world, and adjusting your perspective can be the start of a recovery journey.


We all have hardships but they make us strong, not weak.


The fact that we’re all here, and we’ve made it this far, is what matters.


I hope the song will help people understand that just because something is easy for one person doesn’t mean it’s easy for everyone else.


Different things are hard for different people, and there are so many ways to see the world, not just one.”

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