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Everyday Autistic

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Guy Lawson 

Victorian based Guy Lawson is a 

"Autism blesses me with hyper focus, special interests and a thirst for theory. However, while I seamlessly absorb concepts and theories, I struggle to recognise what it is that others do not understand. This makes it hard for me to relate my arts practice to others and for me to discuss my work. 

I think fast and intrinsically link concepts through my own critical self reflection.


Whilst I love creating I struggle with the social demands of the professional arts scene. These days I work in a home studio and utilise social media to share and discuss my work. I have a BA in Visual Arts with Hons from QUT and MA in fine arts by research from QCA, Griffith University."

Freya currently works as an Art Therapist with Rainbow Care Home Services Qld.  


"Her artworks - in all forms - are beautiful, engaging and explore gender, sexuality, history, critical theory and processing these across media".

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